Hack Research 2023
November 11-12, 2023

Hack Research is a hackathon promoting critical thinking and theoretical Computer Science. This free event helps introduce students to several novel areas of research and professional tools, as well as connecting bright students with businesses and graduate schools.

Although most hackathons demonstrate programming skills and creative program development, they do little to develop and showcase the algorithmic ability and mathematical talent of the students.  Hack Research is designed to showcase these skills that employers seek in a hackathon format, which could be described as an intense research workshop. HackR is open to both undergraduate and graduate students to encourage and connect students and research groups.

The produced entry is an original extended abstract of their research for a category over the two days of the event. To achieve this and keep the event free, sponsorships are needed to help provide food, training, materials, prizes, and to give the students the chance to connect with possible employers, new tools, and graduate schools.

Event Director

Event Details (updated 1/6/24)

  • The schedule is available!
  • The proceedings are available for 2023. Thank you all for a successful event!